"Holy Shit" is a film series being currently produced by Jozef K. Richards and King's Tower Productions. Its first episode, "Top 10 Commandments in the Bible", debuted on the Mythicist Milwaukee YouTube channel on Sunday, August 2, 2015. Since 2015, 5 episodes have been produced. Besides YouTube, it has also been released on Vimeo and can currently be found on Atheist TV, Amazon Video, and Vimeo On Demand.


Episode Format

Each episode is hosted by Father Jozef, a fictionalized version of Jozef K. Richards as if he had become a priest, who editorializes different topics from the Christian Bible or other religious texts in a "Top 10 Countdown" format. At times, Father Jozef will cut away to comedic skits intended to emphasize or highlights points from whatever is being presently discussed. Occasionally episodes will end with Jozef leaving the set and having further interactions with characters, usually special guests or other characters carried over from the King's Tower series, "Friday Night Weekly".


Main Characters

  • Father Jozef (Jozef K. Richards) – Father Jozef is a continuation of the character introduced previously on the series, "Friday Night Weekly". The main difference is that now he is a priest talking about things in the Bible. He is often incredulous about what strange things he reads in its pages, becoming either flippant or dejected in response to his findings, causing him to frequently question his priesthood.
  • Rob (Rob Moore) – Rob is depicted as the announcer of "Holy Shit", supposedly just off camera at all times in a sound booth. He is the voice heard in between each number in each episode's countdown, reciting Bible passages or historical quotes in a booming voice.
  • Shitlings (artwork by Jozef K. Richards) – The Shitlings are the cartoon characters featured on the slides during Rob's narration, depicting the subject of each number in the episode's countdown. They are characterized by dangling tongues, droopy noses, and egg-shaped bodies.

Supporting Characters

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A number of the characters from the Bible and otherwise, such as God, Moses, and the Virgin Mary, turn up frequently in cutaway skits on the show. Occasionally these roles are taken up by well-known personalities in the secular world including scholars Robert M. Price, Richard Carrier, and David Fitzgerald, and entertainers Killah Priest, Paul Provenza, and Heather Henderson.


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Season Episodes First aired Last aired
1 5 August 2, 2015 Ongoing