Eric Wescott is a sound mixer, sound editor, visual effects artist, and editor. He was the co-editor and production manager of The Amateur Monster Movie as well as a visual effects artist, a role he reprised for The Wayward Sun. He was the sound mixer and sound editor on The Amateur Monster Movie, The Wayward Sun, "Un Jardín Adentro de La Violencia", and Batman & Jesus.

Filmography with King's Tower Productions

Eric Wescott has worked in a number of different roles behind the scenes on some of King's Tower Productions' biggest projects.

Title Year of Release Production manager Production sound mixer Sound editor Editor Visual Effects
Batman & Jesus 2017 𝙓 𝙓
"Un Jardín Adentro de La Violencia" 2014 𝙓
The Wayward Sun 2013/2017 𝙓 𝙓 𝙓
The Amateur Monster Movie 2011 𝙓 𝙓 𝙓 𝙓 𝙓